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11/8/2013 Wilsonart LLC Completes Purchase of Durcon Incorporated
Wilsonart LLC said Friday that it has completed the acquisition of Durcon Incorporated.


Don’t Re-use, Recycle!

Maximize worksurface area, improve aesthetics and reduce the impact on our environment with Durcon’s Dust-to-Dust™ Recycling Program. This new program eases some of the stress construction waste puts on our environment by helping you dispose of epoxy resin worksurfaces and sinks by diverting the material to a pre-specified location for re-purposing.

A Note on RenovationsDust to Dust Recycling

Many designers and facilities managers ask about reusing surfaces when remodeling. Durcon does not recommend this practice as it requires the installer to re-cut custom made pieces which are drilled for services and sinks. This approach requires time, costly tooling and typically results in an overall patchwork appearance. Instead, take advantage of Durcon’s Dust-to-Dust™ Recycling Program, where old epoxy resin surfaces are repurposed and the lab space is outfitted with new epoxy resin that will provide great appearances and outstanding performance for many years to come.

Use the Dust-to-Dust™ Program Today!

Dust-to-Dust™ Recycling encompasses epoxy resin worksurfaces from any manufacturer for any reason, whether it be renovation, room repurposing or demolition.

This Service is Free and Easy!

     1. Fill out the Dust-to-Dust™ Reclamation Form (Click Here) and send it to Durcon with a small sample of the material.
     2. Wait for a confirmation from a Durcon Representative.*
     3. Transport the material to the recycling center.
     4. Install your new Durcon epoxy resin tops!
Durcon is driven to provide the highest quality lab-grade surfaces and innovative services in the industry. Our Dust-to-Dust™ Recycling program is our latest offering, and, with your help, has saved some of the tons of construction waste from local landfills.
*Please note: this is for epoxy resin worksurfaces only. We cannot determine whether other materials are suitable for use. Some older labs may have surfaces requiring special considerations for removal.


Dust-To-Dust Reclamation Form




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